“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

Students  and Partners Testimonials


Gordon: (Engineer / Federal government SInMoo Hapkido in Gainesville is your opportunity to really learn an effective martial art. Master Ramfis Marquez and his Black Belts are truly awesome. Hapkido is a comprehensive martial art that addresses self-defense at all ranges - ground, throwing, joint locks, kicking, and punching. Also, weapons are significantly addressed - sword, knife, Jo, Dan Bong, and other traditional weapons. I highly recommend SinMoo Hapkido Jung Shin Kwan .

Michael: 5th dan Sin Moo Hapkido Delaware (instruct on safety and risk management nation wide) The instruction is world-class and comprehensive. You receive the best of both application and philosophy. The instructors and students are very positive and supportive, creating an environment of mutual growth and respect. If you are seeking martial art for self-protection, personal growth, or fitness, I would urge you to visit the  SinMoo Hapkido Jung Shin Kwan and speak with Master Marquez. 

 Andy: (IT contractor , Retired USMC)- I think you are throwing the entire curriculum at us, regardless of what belt level we are, we’ are learning white belt material through black belt material each and every class. Does rolling and falling get old, sure, but it's better than a headache or worse every class because of something else. I like the mix and quite frankly would get bored if I were doing only what was required for my next belt. It's all fluid and works itself together in the end. It shows with your black belts. Each one may do the same technique slightly different, but I can take what seems to work best for me or feel more natural or comfortable and make it my own .  

 Francisco:  ( Engineer/ Contractor  ). The Hapkidoist seeks to achieve a state of endurance under difficult circumstances. Striving to always persevere in the face of delay or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset. Hapkido helps the body, the mind, and the spirit. Hapkidoists practice their techniques to control themselves and to understand the opponent’s strategy and behavior. 

Todd:  (Law Enforcement government contractor): For me, Hapkido KI energy focus helps in balancing a hectic lifestyle. I use Tan Jun breathing at work or home when faced with stressful deadlines, chaotic situations or simply to focus and calm my mind prior to starting a difficult task. I balance a demanding career, graduate school, parenting, family life and home ownership on a daily basis, often with conflicting priorities. Just as I make time to practice Hapkido, I also try to find time for brief meditation to relieve stress and empower me to accomplish large workloads with short deadlines. It also helps control my temper and be a stronger, calmer, and empowered role model for my sons. 

Kim:   (Intelligence Analyst Law Enforcement) Focusing has always been difficult for me because of my Adult-ADHD regardless of whether or not I am taking medication. However, when doing my very best in Hapkido, I find myself totally focused in a way I have not experienced anywhere else before. I realized this several months ago when a skeptical Buddhist monk asked me what on earth I got out of doing this martial art? And I realized it focuses my mind in a unique way. Since then, my sitting and standing meditation is better, my concentration at work is better, and my mind is more clear. 

Milan:  (Oncologist, former Special Forces Operator): "I have trained with Master Marquez since 2001. The Material that he teaches is very simple, but in its apparent simplicity you find its effectiveness. Having trained in different martial arts before I can say that This is the best School! . 

Sebastian:  (Tele-communications professional) the 3 tenets of Hapkido are Righteousness, Courtesy and Patience. These traits should be striven for both in training and normal life. The three tenets of Hapkido may seem to be self evident, but it is an unfortunate fact that most people in modern society have largely forgotten to apply them in their daily life. Practicing Hapkido has reminded me to pay attention, and strive to become more Righteous, Courteous, and Patient. Hopefully, by bettering myself, I can better a tiny corner of the world and have an overall positive impact on my environment. This may be the best legacy I can leave behind, in the hope that my name will be remembered as a good name.