“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

SinMoo Hapkido


The Art of Dojunim Ji Han Jae

Founded in 1984 by Dojunim Ji, Han Jae. Sinmoo Hapkido teaches practical self-defense and personal growth. With a strong emphasis on non-physical techniques Sin Moo Hapkido not only provides practical physical training but also gives tools to benefit the practitioner in all aspect of their lives.

The philosophy and rules that serve as the foundation of Sin Moo Hapkido make it a way of life that will permeate everything that a practitioner does; ie., diet, meditation, exercise, sex, etc. Sin Moo Hapkido touches on all aspects of life and is not just something that a person can practice once or twice a week. Sin Moo Hapkido roughly translates to the way of using the martial disciplines to develop harmony and cohesiveness between the mind, the body and the spirit. 

Sin Moo: Sin Moo is a way of life. Sin Moo Hapkido may be translated as" the fighting art of the gods", Hapkido is the physical half of the martial art, while Sin Moo is the spiritual half. Physical training begins with Hapkido and at the higher level surpasses any physical limitations through Sin Moo. There are three aspects of the whole: physical, mental, and spiritual. The wellbeing of each one of these; the body, the mind, and the soul-guarantees a strong and healthy existence. Conversely, any illness in even on one of these elements weakens the whole and detracts from the other components as well.

Sin Moo Hapkido is a method of meditation focused on the development of mind and body through the maximization of "Ki" power. Sinmoo draws from Buddhism (Mind), Confucianism (Body) and Zen (Spirit) training. Through Buddhism moral training the practitioner seeks the clean mind techniques; were the network of feelings controlled by your mind are balance in good and bad feelings. From Confucianism training we focus on doing nothing in excess. We are governed by the sense of touch and so Confucianism is associated with the body. Through Zen we learn to practice long steady deep controlled breathing. We build "Ki" power development through these techniques. Zen is also connected with the senses, Thus; we maximize the experience of our world through our senses.

Much of the Philosophy of Sinmoo Hapkido comes from what Dojunim Ji learned from Taoist Lee Dosa and Grandma - Saramonin . Long hours were spent training, meditating, but mostly in conversation. He was trained in what he calls Samrangdo. In the Pakchae Kingdom, it was the counterpart to the Hwarangdo in the Silla Dynasty. It was based off of the teachings of Dan gun, the founder of Korea. The ancient text, Samilsingo is from the teachings of Dan gun. Samilsingo means something to the effect of "Three-Makes-One Mind Techniques." It involves combining the three parts within each of us; the spirit, the mind, and the body, into one complete self. The Nine Rules of Sinmoo are based off of this concept as are of the meditation techniques. Only by working on all three aspects of our self, can we realize our true potential. 

  • Shin (Sin) means higher mind, spirit, and sometimes is translated as God.  Basically the concept of Sin places a stronger emphasis on the non-physical aspects of martial arts. The focus of Sin Moo Hapkido resides on the pursue of perfection, personal and spiritual growth, making yourself a better person, and not simply self defense or fighting.  

  • Moo Refers to the martial or military arts. Wish are systems of codified practices and traditions of training for combat.  The term martial mainly refers to the art of warfare.  

  • Hap means Together or to bring together in harmony. This means bringing together all parts of a person; mind, body, and spirit, in the same context of the Samilsingo (three making one).   

  • Ki is often translated as energy or life force. In Sin Moo Hapkido, Ki, in this instance has to do with the Mind, Body, and Spirit and the three aspects that make up a completed person. 

  • Do means the way or a way of life. Sin Moo Hapkido is not simply a group of techniques that are used for self Defense.