Welcome: On behalf of the Jung Shin Hapkido & GumSool Kwan it is my pleasure to extend a warm welcome to all individuals interested in our style and the practice of Hapkido. Since being introduced by their founders, Grand Master Choi Yong Sool and Dojunim Ji Han Jae, Hapkido has become one of the world's most popular martial arts and is taught in more than 100 different countries around the world. 

SinMoo Hapkido Kwans: Since 2014, Doju Nim Ji Han Jae has been issuing Kwan certifications : his top students have been given the authorization to develop their own Sin Moo Hapkido styles, by mixing traditional Sin Moo Hapkido with their own martial arts background. This way, Sin Moo Hapkido can grow much richer year after year, thanks to all these top ranking Masters teaching their techniques all over the world.

SinMoo Jun Shin Hapkido: On September 6th, 2015 The founder of Hapkido and Sin Moo Dojunim Ji Han Jae, promoted Dr. Marquez to the senior master rank of 8th degree black belt. On that same day Dojunim established the SinMoo Jung Shin Hapkido  Kwan. The Kwan’s name exemplifies Dr. Marquez philosophy and training focus. The SinMoo Jung Shin Hapkido roughly translates to a single yet complex notion; the use of martial arts training to develop a healthier, happier, and more balance state of personal, psychological, physical and spiritual existence.

Kwans are independent, and they are fully authorized to issue Dan certificates. For as long as the Dojunim Ji Han Jae remains with us the SinMoo Jung Shin Kwan will continue to award certificates signed only by the founder. This is our kwan’s way of honoring Dojunim and supporting him during his twilight years. 

We teach the way of Jung Shin Hapkido as the founders of the art intended it to be taught. We currently serve the Northern Virginia Community. We have students coming to us from Manassas, Woodbridge, Triangle, Haymarket, Gainesville, Bristow, Fairfax, Centerville, Fredericksburg, Alexandria, Vienna, Dulles and Washington DC. Hapkido Black Belt instructors from all over the area and out of state to include Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, come to us for guidance and to further train and improve their skills. 


Why Should You Train With Us?

Whether your goals are self-protection, stress management/meditation, personal development, fitness, or black belt achievement, Jung Shin Hapkido  is a comprehensive and effective system that will help you accomplish any and all of these goals. Our qualified instructors are committed to the improvement of all our students. We provide a clean, safe, supportive environment for the whole family. Classes are well organized, affordable and fun. 

What We Offer?

 The Jun Shin Hapkido program offers the perfect balance between real self-defense,  personal growth and development through martial practices.  Our focus is the individual triangular growth (body, mind, spirit) through Moo-Do (martial Arts).  Our tactical program provides the student the opportunity of learns; evidence based, scientific, urban fighting, defensive and offensive tactics.  Jung Shin Hapkido incorporates kicking, striking, trapping, take-down and standing and ground grappling skills in order to provide the practitioner with a brutally effective solution to any close quarter fighting situation. The  Jun Shin Hapkido  program incorporates practical, effective and easy to learn self-defense skills. Jung Shin Hapkido techniques are intended for people seeking; real practical and effective fighting skills, self-protection, women's self-defense, knife encounter survival skills, home security, personal safety, professional security, police defense tactics and/or military combative.