“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”


Self Defense is not just training and knowing how to fight. Most fights start with someone who’s unprepared getting punched in the face, even though there’s lots of indicators it’s about to happen. The aggressor often gains the initiative with a flurry of punches and wins within seconds. Self-defense is understanding your surroundings. Becoming aware of your environment at all times. Understanding what situations and actions could turn you in to prey for predators in the street. Understanding the escalation and pre assault indicators leading to a confrontation. Learning to control your environment and identify potential threats to your life and/or to your love ones. Learning to identify an evolving situation, manage it and de-escalate it without engaging in a life changing confrontation. At the Jung Shin Kwan we train all aspects of Self Protection both physical and mental, to ensure that the physical skills you learn are not your only option when faced with a potential threat.


Jung Shin Hapkido

 Jung Shin Hapkido  provides both short-term and long-term physical and psycho-social benefits. Our philosophy is based on the importance of human health. From the Jung Shin perspective, health has three realms: the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. Jung Shin helps students increase their happiness through the achievement of balance in all three domains of life. Physical training begins with Hapkido and at the higher level surpasses physical limitations through SinMoo. Jung Shin Hapkido is not just self-defense, it is a way of life.


Our Philosophy

 Baek Nyon Chon Mah (백년천마/백련천마) Study (Learn) 100 Times, Practice (Attention to Detail) 1,000 Times. 

The philosophy of Jung Shin Kwan is based on the importance of human health.  Health has three realms: the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. We focus on the use of martial arts training to develop a healthier, happier, and more balance state of personal, psychological, physical and spiritual existence. 

US Tigers 40,000 sqr feet main mat

Modern Studio

 Within over 40,000 sqr feet main mat, we provide a clean, safe, supportive environment for the whole family. Our state of the art modern facility is sponsored by US Taekwondo National Coach Master Dennis Kim. Dr. Marquez is the only non Korean master to teach independently at US Tigers. The Dojang facilities are the largest in the Tri-state , Norther Virginia region. 


Grand Master

Dr. Ramfis Marquez president of the Jung Shin Kwan  Hapkido & GumSool welcomes you to this page.  Our Kwan (Martial Arts Group) is a certified branch of the World Sin Moo Hapkido Association. The Chief Master Instructor has been a direct close student of founder of SinMoo Hapkido, Dojunim Ji Han Jae (featured in Bruce Lee's Game of Death, Lady Kung Fu, and Dragon Tamer ) for 20 years.. He holds aNn 8th Degree SinMoo Hapkido black belt. With Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, he is  an expert in human behavior and the psychology of aggression and violence. All Jung Shin Kwan Black Belt ranks and certificates are awarded directly by Dojunim Ji Han Jae under the World Sin Moo Hapkido Association. 

Martial Programs


Check out this great video featuring our students and instructors engaging in traditional weaponry training. 

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