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Some of our curricular skills

Projection Skill 1

Some of our curricular  skills

Controlling Skills

Some of our curricular  skills

Projection Skills 2

Some of our curricular  skills

Throws and locks f/r Punch Defense

Discussion of our curricular punch defense skills 

Dojunim Ji Han Jae Hall of Fame Induction

Pictures of Dojunim Ji Han Jae been inducted in to the Korean Martial Arts Master Hall of Fame with a life time achievement award (July, 2019)

Dojunim Teaching

 Dojunim Ji Han Jae 82 years of age teaching at the Korean Masters Hall of Fame 

SinMoo Hapkido Jung Shin Kwan Fathers Day Training 2019

Our younger students put together this video of our sword / weapons retention curriculum 

Promotional Event Grand Master W. Sellas in PR 2019

SinMoo Hapkido Puerto Rico: post seminar Grand Master Wilfredo Sellas promotion to 8th Dan (SinMoo master white uniform explanation. 

Puerto Rico SinMoo Hapkido Day 3

Synopsis of the first SinMooHapkido semiar in Puerto Rico March, 2019  

Puerto Rico SinMoo Hapkido Day 2

follow the historical story of the establishment of SinMoo Hapkido in Puerto Rico 

Traditional Weapons Training

The long staff, the Halberd and the middle staff are just some of the weapons taught at the World SinMoo Hapkido Headquarters of Virginia